Sunday, 5 August 2012

Watch the temple topple over

In the ancient Vraistellen religion they named one god Urfdael because he was the PHOENIX. He had spent too long in the forest and a serpent bit him. His tears shattered into twenty pieces so he asked the nearby villagers to gather them for him, but they would not listen for he had the serpent bite. He then asked the nomadic foreigners, and they helped him. They gathered seven pieces in one day, twelve pieces in four days, and then the last piece came three days later. With his tears reunited Urfdael sang them gratitude and from that the Vraistellens stole music.
Everything the Vraistellens had, they stole. They were a humble group who acknowledged they lacked originality.
They associated the world with the number 8. While they knew the globe was an oblique spheroid they shared the word for Earth, "enden," with their name for the number 8.
8 was their sacred number.
5 was their hatred number.
Their word for 5, "fssl," is their only word without vowels. It is also their word for rebirth.
The Vraistellens believed death was our rest from the suffering purgatory that is the living life. They believed we will all wake up after death, and that this was our eternal curse: To suffer again and again, back and forth, over and over, in infinite regress.
Their word for 4, "gharagh," shares two other definitions: Death, and cloud. They believed the sun died every time it went behind a cloud. Nighttime was simply when the sun had traveled to some other civilization.
Urfdael was their primary death god who they used to teach each other the myth of the eternal suffering cycle of their living purgatory. Urfdael is bitten by the serpent and after he sings his song he dies, to be reborn in someone else's body and repeat the passion play.
The Vraistellens believed all were Urfdael. "Urfdael" was also their word for one's name.
My Urfdael is Jacob Winston. "Jack" for short.
Jack is not a Nobody. The serpent spoke to him and now he is a PHOENIX. Jack will die someday soon, very very soon. So many things could cause it. I could cause it.
I do not want to kill Jack.
But Jack wants to kill me.
So that he can be reborn in a better body.
A body closer to his original.
Jack wants to relive his first life so that he may correct his mistakes.
Urfdael wants to die and stay dead.